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Model: Adidas A185L 6051
Adidas Adizero Tempo A185L 6051 Black / Yellow LST Contrast Silver....
Ex Tax:R1,391.30
Model: Adidas A181L 6091
Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim Pro A181L 6091 Black Mat Glow Vario....
Ex Tax:R3,043.48
Model: Adidas A199XS 6091
Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim Pro XS A199XS 6091 Black Mat Glow / Vario....
Ex Tax:R2,652.18
Model: Adidas AD07 9400 L
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro AD07 9400 L 6054 Matte Black / Grey /LST Bright ....
Ex Tax:R3,478.26
Model: Adidas A168S 6059
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S A168S 6059 Neon blue LST Active Silver + LST Bright (Antifog).Ventilation System.Detachable Sweat Blocker.TRI FIT Temple.Traction Grip.SPX + Flex Zones.Double Snap Nose Bridge.Quick Change Lens System.Lens Lock System.Quick Release Hinge.....
Ex Tax:R1,956.52
Model: Adidas A168S 6087
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro A168S 6085 Shiny White / Blue / LST H + LST Bright Antifog.Hydrophobic Coating on Front.Wrap Around View.Performance Insert Available.Quick Change Lens System.Lens Lock System.Ventilation System.SPx & Flex Zones.Polycarbonate Lens.Removeable Sweatbar.Wrap Around Prote....
Ex Tax:R2,565.22
Model: Adidas AD08 6500 S
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim AD08 6500 S....
Ex Tax:R2,434.78
Model: Adidas A412XS 6062
Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim A412XS 6062 Matte Black / Red LST Polarized Silver H+.Climacool Ventilation System.Quick Release Hinge.....
Ex Tax:R2,260.87
Model: Adidas A194S 6062
Adidas Evil Eye Pro Small A194S 6062 Matte White / Purple Mirror....
Ex Tax:R2,565.22
Model: Adidas A267S 6081
Adidas Evil Eye A267S 00 6081.Racing Pink / LST Active . Tri Fit Temple.Double Snap Nose Bridge.Quick Change Lens System.Quick Release Hinge.Traction Grip.SPX & Flex Zones.Ventilation System.Helmet Compatible Temple.....
Ex Tax:R1,695.65
Model: Adidas AD22 6900
Adidas Horizor AD22 6900 Coal Matt / Grey Polarized....
Ex Tax:R1,982.61
Model: Adidas A424 6061
Adidas Kumacross 2.0 A424 6061 Black Shiny / Alpine / LST Active Silver....
Ex Tax:R1,304.35
Model: Adidas A424 6058
Adidas Kumacross 2.0 A424 6058 Red Matt Translucent / Red Mirror....
Ex Tax:R1,652.17
Model: Adidas A424 6054
Adidas Kumacross 2.0 A424 6054 Matte Black / Green / LST Contrast Silver.Ventilation System.Headwear Compatible.Quick Release Hinge.Ribbed Grip Temples.Quick Change Lens System.....
Ex Tax:R1,304.35
Model: Adidas A424 6053
Adidas Kumacross 2.0 A424 6053 White Matte / Flash Red / LST Contrast Silver....
Ex Tax:R1,130.44
Model: Adidas A421 6050
Adidas Kumacross Halfrim A421 6050 Grey Transparent / LST Active Silver....
Ex Tax:R1,478.26
Model: Adidas A421 6054
Adidas Kumacross Halfrim A421 6054 Shiny White / Clear to Grey Photochromic / Vario AntiFog....
Ex Tax:R2,173.91
Model: Adidas OR0028 16A
Adidas OR0028 16A 62-10-140....
Ex Tax:R1,652.18
Model: Adidas A531
Adidas Optical Adapter Full Rim Base 8. A531 6051. Compatible with A168 Evil Eye Half Rim Pro S and A198S Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S....
Ex Tax:R956.52
Model: Adidas A774
Adidas Optical Clip in Rim Optical Insert A774....
Ex Tax:R956.52
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