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Rudy Project Rydon Hunting/Shooting

Rudy Project Rydon Hunting/Shooting
Rudy Project Rydon Hunting/Shooting
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  • Model: Rudy Project Rydon Hunting Shooting SP530306-S005
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A customized set of RYDON glasses, specially configured for sport shooters and hunters. SP530305-S005

This quality set includes the following features: RYDON Matte Black frame, black end tips, assembled with Racing Red lenses.

4 extra interchangeable lenses included: Transparent, Yellow, Action Brown, and Laser Copper (total 5 lenses).

The set includes a soft microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a customized case, which includes ten compartments for all additional lenses supplied.

Transparent: Transmits 92% of the light. Designed for protection of the eyes when needed, without reducing light.

Yellow: Transmits 87% of the light, enhances contrast and depth. They are ideal for early morning light, sunsets or rainy days.

Racing Red: Transmits 28% of the light. High optical quality lenses in HD Polycarbonate, treated with mult- layered coating to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye fatigue.

Action Brown: Transmits 22% of the light. High contrast lenses built around chromatic partitioning, they enhance color contrast and cut glare from all angles, maximizing visual clarity.

Laser Copper: Transmits 11-22% of the light. Engineered for sunny days and bright conditions, the laser lenses provide 400uv protection and include a chrome mirror layer.SN790306S5

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